How to use the site

1. In order to use the site, you must first register:

2. Add a channel to which you want to order viewers, followers, views:

3. Top up the balance in a way convenient for you:

4. Click on the desired added channel earlier and order the desired package of viewers:

5. Click on "buy followers" select the desired package and buy:

Additional functions (optional)

- Enabling chatbots (activity in the chat):

1. After purchasing the tariff BELOW, new fields open (picture below)

2. Follow the link

3. In an open new tab in the browser, click the button  Connect 

4. Copy the entire line (example: oauth:dc03nbcd6f811594gdi95ul6k3q87y ) and paste it into the empty field (above the "Add" button)

IMPORTANT: The Twitch for which the tariff is currently purchased must be authorized in the browser!

5. After successful authorization of the chat token, all available chat bots will open!

Greeting - greet each new authorized viewer in the chat on your behalf

Promo - writes prepared lines from the field on your behalf

Random messages - sends random messages from the field from authorized viewers (phrases are written by you)

Random emoticons - sends random emoticons from authorized viewers

Important: After any changes in the Chat-Bot, be sure to click the "Save" button

Important: On your stream, the chat must be open to everyone (only for followers will not work)